• Name: Chris Withers
  • D.O.B: March 1977
  • Birth Place: Melbourne, Australia
  • Instrument: Bass
  • Equipment: Lab systems and Warwick Basses and Amps
  • Favourite Food: Indian
  • Favourite Drink: Heineken
  • Favourite Movies: Aliens
  • Favourite Books: Vampire World Trilogy by Brian Lumley
  • Favourite Game: Buffy Choas Bleeds
  • 3 Favourite Bands: Iron Maiden, Kreator, Black Sabbath
  • Favourite Album: Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind
  • Hobbies: Reading and designing Gig Posters
  • Destination you would like to travel: I've always wanted to travel to Scotland to see the William Wallace momument and the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297
  • Most impressive destination travelled so far: Wacken, Germany

  • Name: Dean Burgess
  • D.O.B: March 1970
  • Birth Place: Sydney, Australia
  • Instrument: Vocals and Guitar
  • Equipment: Ibanez RG3150 with Evolution pups, Peavy 5150 head, Marshall Cab with V30s, TC Electronics
  • Favourite Food: Mexican, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese
  • Favourite Drink: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Redback Beer, Markers Mark Burbon
  • Favourite Movies: Highlander, Mad Max, Constantaine, Jackass, South Park
  • Favourite Books: History of the Celts
  • Favourite Game: Euka, Poker
  • 3 Favourite Bands: Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest
  • Favourite Album: Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
  • Hobbies: Weight training, Karate, Motorbike riding with mates
  • Destination you would like to travel: Germany/Europe, I love the way that they embrace life, music and food.
  • Most impressive destination travelled so far: Its a toss up between 3 amazing places, Las Vegas, Japan and Heilberg Germany, all were amazing in their own right and I hope to travel to them again.

Luthor begun from a simple thought “create Heavy Metal music that was purely about the music”, not for the ego, or fortune and fame – it is all about the song.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia Luthor begun in 2004 with the recording of the demo “Skyweaver” which is now a much sort after treasure by the avid Heavy Metal collector. Followed up with "Circles End" and now "A Thorn in the Flesh".

Luthor have a powerful groove with a wall of sound rhythm section, solo’s spawned from hell, deadly double kicks, soaring vocals, earth shaking bass lines and a live show that explodes on stage. Luthor’s driving passion is to create inspired Heavy Metal Music, record it and play it live as much as possible.

Luthor’s live shows are testament to the bands commitment to have live show performed as an event. The band is always encored with an ever growing vocal and passionate support base that will often travel up to 2 hours just to support “their Luthor”.

Luthor have travelled and played relentless in 2007 sharing stages with some of the great Australian Heavy Metal bands such as Mortal Sin, Black Majesty and Medusa.

Luthor are set to dominate the Heavy Metal scene, with a heady brew of power and thrash that is delivered with passion and precision, there is no doubt that Luthor’s future looks bright.

Live for Metal – Metal for Life.